Cultural Connections was established in 1977 as Museums Associated with Public Schools (MAPS), a consortium of 12 San Francisco museums working to enhance education in the San Francisco Unified School District. Between 1977 and 1980, the group developed a museum-based curriculum for 4th graders and promoted museum attendance by 4-12 grade students.

In 1981, MAPS became Cultural Connections and began to offer open meetings to museum educators and teachers for the exchange of resources and ideas. The late 1980’s saw the introduction of regular bi-monthly programs for educators, and Cultural Connections was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1990.

Today, a volunteer board of museum professionals from throughout the Bay Area governs Cultural Connections. As the field of museum education has become more complex, Cultural Connections’ programs and community now deal with a broader range of topics and have evolved to include evaluation, exhibit design, and professional development.